Meet our Board

We are so excited to introduce you to some very special people to One Mother to Another!

Their collective wisdom and experience is immense and we are beyond privileged to have them and their experience at the helm!



Chair - Judge Robert Murfitt

Recently retired Family and Youth Court Judge, father, grandfather, children’s author. Judge Robert Murfitt

Judge Murfitt brings a wealth of board, leadership and legal experience to One Mother to Another. He spent 16 years as a District Court judge in Taranaki and Christchurch (with a focus on the Family and Youth Court). This follows an accomplished legal career starting in 1973. He has been heavily involved with the charity “Big Brother, Big Sister” and has a wonderful heart for our community and the work of One Mother to Another supporting parents through a difficult season.


Pastor Annie Cameron

Executive Pastor Arise Church, mother of three. Pastor Annie Cameron

Annie has been a pastor for more than 2 decades, and with Arise church in Christchurch since 2007. She has a background in primary education and extensive experience in managing teams and leading volunteers in a charitable environment. She is a sought after speaker in the christian community, with a passion for mentoring and helping others.


Warren Nairn

Charge Nurse Manager, Children’s Acute Assessment Unit, Christchurch Hospital, father of two. Warren Nairn

Warren has been the Charge Nurse of Christchurch’s Children’s Acute Assessment Unit since 2013. With his extensive paediatric nursing experience, he brings a welcome healthcare perspective and sees firsthand where One Mother to Another’s influence is needed most. He was there on day one when the first One Mother to Another gift bags were donated and has been a big supporter ever since.

He has volunteered with children’s charities in Palestine and Romania.


Joy Reid

Co-founder and Executive Officer of One Mother to Another, TVNZ Journalist, mother of three. Joy Reid

Joy helped start One Mother to Another in May 2016. She is now the Executive Officer of the charity, with a big passion for seeing its influence and reach grow. She is also an active journalist with 15 years in the industry. She is currently a TVNZ reporter, formerly the organisation’s Europe Correspondent. She is also a mother of three and knows firsthand how vulnerable and frightening it is to be a parent of a sick child in hospital.