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What we do

We at 'One Mother To Another' provide gift bags to mums and carers (including some dads/ grandparents/ foster parents) who find themselves going through a difficult time in hospital with a sick child. The wards we support are the Children's Acute Assessment Unit (CAAU) and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU ward) at Christchurch Hospital, as well as the Neonatal Units in Nelson and Southland hospitals. We currently provide a total of 170 gift bags a month to those four wards.

Our aim is to comfort and support mums (and carers) who are in hospital in what can be a very vulnerable and distressing time. We try to bridge the gap between 2 strangers and offer understanding and acknowledgement of their difficulty but mostly we want to put a smile on their face and let them know we care about what they are going through. We hope in some way brighten their day.

Gift pack
Gift pack
Gift pack

The packs continue to be very well received; both by the staff giving them out and the mothers receiving them. One new mother cried when she was given one. Tears of appreciation of course.

Children's Acute Assessment Unit Charge Nurse Warren Nairn

Each gift bag is slightly different but has 3 purposes – to provide...

Practical help

We include a variety of things to make a hospital stay more comfortable such as shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

We always add a snack and some tea and coffee as well as a chocolate and/or high energy bar to ensure a parent or carer does not have to leave their child's side to get an instant boost of energy.


The gift bags show our heart. We want mums and carers to feel special, loved, appreciated and cared for. Both co-founders Christina and Joy have spent time in hospital with their young children so they know the vulnerabilities of this time. We want our gift bags to make people feel valued, loved and understood so each gift bag contains a handwritten note of encouragement.

Something special

We know that in most cases mums and carers put other’s needs ahead of their own. So we take pride and joy in adding some beautiful 'treat' items in each pack - including one or more gifts from earrings to candles to beautiful skin care or bath products. We want to spoil the mum or carer in a small way and we know these items are greatly appreciated.

How the packs are distributed

It's important to us that EVERY mother who is in the Neonatal Intensive Care wards (in Christchurch, Nelson and Southland Hospitals) get a gift - regardless if they are in the unit for one day or one month. They are distributed on arrival by the wonderful nursing staff in these wards.

As the Children’s Acute Assessment Unit at Christchurch Hospital has more than 400 patients a month, we are only able to provide 50 gift bags a month for the nurses and staff to give out, at their discretion, to those who they deem to be in need of some extra support and love, or those who have very young babies. One of our goals is to increase the pack numbers for this ward so we can support more of the mothers and carers who have these unexpected hospital experiences.

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